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NLO Skopje Chief meets with the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration

NATO Liaison office Skopje chief, Slovenian Navy Captain BARTOL Gorazd, met with the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration, AHMETI Ali on Nov. 3. During the meeting, the collectors discussed the local elections in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , the political situation and the integration in NATO. 

Ali Ahmeti, the Leader of the Democratic Union of Integration (DUI) commented the decision of the first instance court on the case Kumanovo while stressing the urgent need to conduct an international investigation of the case. As part of it, exchange of important information with Kosovo and Albania is needed, forming a survey committee in the Parliament as it was for the case dubbed "Sopot” all aimed at solving the case, including the motives and organisers.
Ahmeti also emphasised that the first meeting with the international community representatives after the completion of the elections is with the NATO Liaison Office Skopje wanting to demonstrate the two main priorities ahead and that is the reforms in the judicial system and membership in NATO. 

"In the days ahead we expect to complete the normative part of the Ohrid Agreement through the language equality while DUI remains dedicated to leading the reform’s process in the country through implementing the vital recommendations of the European Commission, building good neighborly relations and surpassing the disputes which will open the road towards Brussels”, stated Ahmeti. 
Ahmeti assessed the elections as democratic, free and acceptable for all sides and underlined that the country needs united and constructive opposition in support to the reforms and progressive processes in the country.

Story by NATO Advisory Team

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