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NATO Advisory Team Interoperability Advisor - What is NATO

SHTIP, Eastern region of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - At the University of Law Goce Delchev in Shtip, the NATO Liaison Office Skopje gave a lecture about "What is NATO” to the students on Dec. 12.

This lecture, by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Barone, was aimed at describing what NATO is and how it is organized. The lecture started out with the history of NATO since its foundation, and the difference between its member and partner nations. The decision making process and the consensus principle were also elaborated, with a general overview of NATO’s current activities and future challenges.

"Within today’s lecture, Lieutenant Colonel Barone will explain to us what NATO is. This gives the opportunity to get the students closer to the basics of NATO, its foundation, functions, joining NATO and so on,” said Professor Ana Nikodinovska-Krstevska, PhD, Law University Goce Delcev. "The goal is to obtain a clearer picture for NATO and integration in NATO. He will also explain the general characteristics of NATO, the overlaps of responsibilities between NATO and EU and will try to bring us a step closer to the NATO role currently and in the future.”

The lecture intrigued great interest among the young students and resulted with many questions. Many of them referred to the name dispute with Greece and when the country can be integrated in NATO as well as solutions to the name dispute with Greece. The event took place in the official hall of the university.

NATO Liaison Office Skopje will continue to support the country in its endeavor to join the NATO family.

*Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

Story by NLO Skopje Public Affairs Office

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