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Military–Diplomatic Tournament Skopje 2017 Marking the Liberation of Skopje

The Ministry of Defense and *the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s  Shooting Federation organized a Military-Diplomatic Shooting Tournament "Skopje 2017″ at Kamnik Shooting Range in Skopje.

The tournament in which 60 persons took part was organized on the occasion of the Liberation Day of the capital, November 13. NATO Liaison Office Skopje was represented by the Interoperability Advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Barone who competed in the tournament. Deputy Minister Bekim Maksuti, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General Metodija Velichkovski, Generals from the army and other employees in the Ministry and the Army, members of the athletic federation and Defense Attaches were part of the tournament.

"Skopje has had a very difficult history, it was repeatedly burned down and leveled with the ground, but its citizens have always found the strength and motivation to rebuild and uprise it,” Ministry of Defence’s State Secretary Dragan Nikolic said at the opening of the tournament. He added that with the organization of this event, the Ministry continues the practice of jointly marking important dates in history, in the spirit of athletics and socializing.

The participants competed in two disciplines – shooting with a CZ pistol at 25 meters and shooting with an automatic rifle "Zastava” M-70 at 100 meters.

*Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

Story by NATO Advisory Team

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