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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia troops to support Exercise Saber Guardian 2017

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - On July 6, the Chief NATO Liaison Office Skopje, Slovenian Navy Captain Gorazd Bartol, and members of his team took part in the ceremony of sending off troops to exercise "Saber Guardian 2017”.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s* Armed Forces will support the United States led multinational exercise "Saber Guardian 2017” with members from the Engineering battalion, the Military Police battalion, the Special Operations battalion and the Balkan Medical Task Force. 

Exercise "Saber Guardian 2017” will be held from July 11 to 20 in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.  The exercise is organized by the United States Army Europe (USAREUR). 

Also present, was the Minister of Defence and Deputy Vice Prime Minister of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Radmila Shekerinska. In her address, she stated that this is a great opportunity for exercising the armed forces of the participating nations, including of the host nation and thus for strengthening readiness and improving interoperability and capability to cooperate under joint command while executing full the spectrum of military missions aimed at supporting the security and stability of the Black Sea Region. She added that the exercise will be a demonstration of joint and common capabilities of the allies and partners for the defence of this region.

The defence minister will travel later this month to visit the soldiers from over 20 different nations who are manifesting the high level of military professionalism for which they regularly receive high marks from the Operational Capability Concept and Evaluation and Feedback concept.

Minister Shekerinska stressed that this investment in the joint security will repay with better army and improved defence and membership in NATO. 

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Major General Muhamet Racaj, said the exercise "Saber Guardian 2017” provides great possibility for exchange of knowledge and experiences, development of capabilities for joint work of the armed forces personnel with the armies of NATO and partner nations through adopting the NATO standards and enhancing the combat readiness of the armed forces units. He also highlighted the importance in exercising the staff processes and procedures in NATO operations.

Story by NATO Advisory Team

*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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