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Handover of ministerial function in the Ministry of Defence

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* -- The function of Minister of Defence was handed over from Zoran Jolevski to Radmila Shekerinska – Jankovska, June 1, 2017, in front of the Ministry of Defence in Skopje.

"Before you and the public, I as a Minister of Defence undertake the obligation to strengthen the international reputation and position of our country, to its consensually declared strategic goal for membership in NATO and the necessary reforms that will increase our security and guarantee professional and efficient army”, Shekerinska - Jankoska stated in her speech.

She also said that, although an initiator of the Adriatic Charter, her country is the only one from that group that is not yet a member of the Alliance. She added that the reforms, due to many reasons, have stalled, that the Army is facing a low budget for many years while various pressure in terms of security are visible, and strong politicisation pressures on the sector’s professionals exist.

The new minister announced return of the NATO integration process to the top of the Ministry’s priorities, and more open and more transparent system for personnel management with an emphasis to greater professionalisation, de-politicization, and movement in the career based on essential and not fictitious standards.

"The sincere professional makes the institutions strong and efficient,” said Shekerinska – Jankoska. "Honest professionals should be posted on the right positions. That will be my task and obligation from my first day. As of the first day I will dedicate myself to raising the standard of the conditions in which all members of the Army and the Ministry of Defence work.”

She also said that she will invest all of the knowledge and experience, together with the Army and the employees in the MoD, to guarantee the unity and security of the country with a strong future that shall be confirmed with the fulfillment of the great goal – membership in the NATO Alliance.

*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

Story by NLO Skopje

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