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Exercise Joint Reaction 17 Distinguished Visitors Day

SKOPJE, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* - A Distinguished Visitors day took place during Joint Reaction 17 to showcase various combat procedures and situations on Thursday in the Army Training Area Krivolak.

Among the military officials of the army of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the defence attaches accredited in the country, representatives from the NATO Liaison Office and other guests were present for the demonstration exercise.
The participants in the exercise Joint Reaction 17 demonstrated various combat procedures and situations, such as search of populated area with cordon and helicopter evacuation of casualties and wounded.  The soldiers were validated to be well trained.
"In the past four days, the capabilities, skills, and top training were exhibited by the units participating in the exercise,” said Colonel Blazhe Nikolovski, exercise Joint Reaction 17 director. "It was a period during which we were given the possibility to see how one task, with tactics, techniques and exercises was attained by the officers, NCOs and the soldiers from Albania, Bosnian & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Vermont and Minnesota National Guards, the 709th Battalion of the 18th military police brigade from the USA armed forces in Europe and the Military Police battalion from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s armed forces.”
The exercise provided exchange of experience, capabilities, knowledge and skills in order to increase the mutual understanding of military police capabilities from the A5 Initiative, thus creating preconditions for absolute success during accomplishment and planning of future joint operations. 

*Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name. 

Story by NATO Advisory Team

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