Skopje Team


Army Colonel Zoran Jankovic

Colonel Jankovic was born in Maribor, Slovenia, 1962. In 1981, after completing primary and secondary school, he joined Military Academy in Belgrade.

Advisory Team

The role of the NATO Advisory Team (NAT) is to provide support and assistance to this process. Directed by the Chief NATO Liaison Office, the NAT assist their counterparts in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the General Staff (GS) to develop and implement the necessary concepts by providing advice and comments. In order to coordinate the different aspects of the required transformation, the MOD installed a system comprising three levels: the working groups, the Programme Group, chaired by the State Secretary, and the Steering Group. Besides these meetings, the contact between NAT, GS and MOD is regularly on the basis of personal friendship and confidence. One of the reasons for this is the collocation of the NAT within the building of the MoD. More

Notable Alumni