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The NLO Skopje advises the Host Nation (HN) on all aspects of NATO membership requirements, in order to contribute to the country's Euro-Atlantic Integration. NLO Skopje, also supports the realization of NATO priorities in the country including with respect to political and military reforms, political dialogue and public diplomacy, as well as support the NATO team and the HN Government Authorities participating in the NATO Accession Talks. NLO Skopje will be prepared for additional tasks regarding HN integration in NATO. 
NLO Skopje assists HN Authorities by providing advice and assistance on DSSR in accordance with agreed priorities under direction and guidance of the Coordination Board and in coordination with the ACO chain of command. It  provides support, within means and capabilities to the NATO-led operations and missions in NLO Skopje area of responsibility.

NATO started its first mission in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on 26 Aug 01 with "Operation Essential Harvest”- the aim to collect voluntarily surrendered weapons from insurgent ethnic Albanian rebels. The mission was very successful and together with the efforts of the International Community (IC) resulted in the cessation of hostilities between the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia regular forces and insurgents. The armed insurgency was a manifestation of discontent among the ethnic Albanian community and required more than disarmament. Consequently, the Ohrid Framework Agreement followed, which brought greater rights for the Albanian community and hopes of guaranteed peace for all the country.

On 26 Sep 01 NATO continued its commitment in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia by retaining its presence with a new mission named "AMBER FOX”.The mandate was to provide additional security to IC monitors in the crisis areas whilst the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia authorities retained primary responsibility for security. This mission was an example of how the joint efforts of the IC and the local authorities could bring the country back from the brink of its civil war. As a result of improved security in the country the mission was terminated on 15 Dec 02. Thereafter, in order to demonstrate its commitment and support, NATO, by invitation of the government started a new mission called"ALLIED HARMONY.”This mission was to advise and assist the host nation authorities with the normalization process and contribute to the overall IC aim to bring confidence and stability to the region.

On 31 Mar 03 NATO handed over authority to the EU for "OPERATION CONCORDIA”. The core aim of this operation was, at the explicit request of the host nation government, to contribute further to a stable secure environment and to allow the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement. Initially expected to last for 6 months, it was agreed by the Security Council to extend it to Dec 03. CONCORDIA was part of the EU's overall commitment in assisting the efforts of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia government to move closer towards EU integration. It represented further tangible evidence of the development of the European security and defence policy and of the EU's contribution to the IC's efforts to promote stability and security.

NHQS was created in Apr 02 by the amalgamation of two HQs, namely KFOR REAR and AMBER FOX. The mission is to advise the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Government Authorities on military aspects of Security Sector Reform in order to contribute to further Euro-Atlantic Integration and provide support to NATO-led operations within the Balkans Joint Area of Operations.

As of April 1st, 2012 the mission name is NATO LIAISON OFFICE SKOPJE which is more representative of its mission.

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