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About Skopje

NATO Headquarters Skopje was created in April 2002 by the amalgamation of two Headquarters: KFOR REAR and AMBER FOX. As of April 1st, 2012, the mission name is NATO LIAISON OFFICE SKOPJE, which is more representative of its mission.

Slovenian Army Colonel Zoran Jankovič took over the duties as Chief Liaison Office Skopje in October, 2018.
According to the Terms of Reference, our mission is to advise the Host Nation governmental authorities on Defence aspects of Security Sector Reforms and NATO membership, in order to contribute to the country’s further Euro-Atlantic integration, and to provide support to NATO-led operations within the Balkans Joint Area of Operations.

NLO Skopje is a non-tactical mission and consists of military and civilian personnel, located in the HN MoD. Generally speaking, we are involved in all levels of the national transformation processes. We have regular contact with the government leadership and other agencies (MoD, MoI, MFA, etc.), but mostly with the Defence and Military authorities. We have regular meetings with the heads of EU, USA and OSCE missions, as garants of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

Our advice is mostly concentrated towards military and technical issues. Additionally, supporting tasks are a significant part of our mission, especially those benefiting KFOR and other NATO missions in the Balkans. Finally, as the official NATO footprint, our activities also aim to present, and represent, NATO in the country.

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