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All our members and partners benefit from being under NATO's protective umbrella.

The security challenges of the 21st Century don't respect national borders. Terrorism, organized crime, migration, natural disasters, health pandemics, human trafficking, cyber and information threats- all cross boundaries and continents. So our response needs to as well. Never have events thousands of miles away had such a clear impact on our own security and society.

Even large countries- US, Germany, Turkey – know that modern security challenges cannot be defeated by one nation alone – no matter how big they are. Smaller countries, like BiH, often find themselves on the front-line, with neither the resources nor the capacity to tackle the many different threats of the 21st century. That is where being part of an alliance becomes vital – sharing skills and expertise, pooling resources and sharing high modern defence costs, and reaping the benefits of being part of a large, technologically advanced, multinational force that has the capabilities to counter any threat that will also guarantee the security and sovereignty of every participant.

And our partnership with BiH is a genuine two way process. For more than a decade Bosnia and Herzegovina has been an exporter of security: contributing troops to UN and NATO-led international missions around the world.

BiH is also sharing its own expertise to strengthen the international security situation in other ways – with its NATO accredited Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) providing expert training to NATO partners on a range of topics, such as building integrity.

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