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Prosperity- economic growth and jobs- cannot exist without security - and partnership with NATO can bring both.

Working with international institutions, and making changes (like the ones NATO works everyday with the authorities in BiH to implement) which strengthen democracy and the rule of law, gives international business the confidence to invest, banks the confidence to lend and tourists the confidence to visit.

The reports of credit agencies (whose assess how credit-worthy a country is) not only impact on the interest rate charged on government borrowing – international investors will also use them to determine how safe it is to invest in a country. The credit agencies look at 'governance risks' including the rule of law, control of corruption, freedom of the press, transparency and accountability – all of which can be improved by working with NATO.

This has been borne out time and again by new members to NATO. From the Balkans to the Baltics new members to NATO have experienced a significant 'NATO boost' to their economies.

Joining an alliance which collectively comprises of more than 50% of the world's GDP, each new accession nation has seen an immediate increase in economic growth; a marked inflow of foreign direct investment; a large decrease in unemployment; a rise in life expectancy; a doubling of foreign trade and, as a result, a positive impact on the nation's finances, as well as those of its citizens.

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