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More than military

There is more to NATO that just its military power – NATO is ultimately a political organization. It was created to help promote dialogue, overcome mistrust and avoid the use of force, as well as protect its members.

The diplomatic side of NATO is less visible that the military element- but is actually the true strength of the Alliance. Our staff in NATO HQ in Brussels, along with diplomats from allied and partner countries, including BiH, work every day, to promote democratic values, provide opportunities for nations to consult and cooperate on defence and security related issues, solve problems, build trust and ultimately prevent conflict.

NATO recognizes that its fundamental tasks of providing security, conflict prevention, deterrence and defence, cannot be achieved without the stability, cooperation and freedoms that comes with freedom, democracy, human rights, and rule of law.

The Partnership for Peace programme, which Bosnia signed up to 17 years ago, is not only a framework for practical military cooperation, but it also works to reduce threats to peace and security by building a commitment to these democratic values - free and fair election, checks and balances on political power, civilian oversight of the military, democratic scrutiny and accountability, an independent judiciary, a free media, a thriving - and critical- civil society and academic community.

did you know?

That BiH has a permanent office in NATO Headquarters in Brussels – allowing diplomats from BiH to talk constantly to our allies and other partners .

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