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MAP, RP, PfP - all the acronyms explained


PfP: The Partnership for Peace is a programme of practical cooperation between NATO and our partners – like BiH. Every PfP is unique – our partners (including BiH) get to decide what they want their relationship with NATO to look like, as well as set the priorities and areas for cooperation.

PARP: The Partnership for Peace Planning and Review Process helps partners to develop their military forces and capabilities so that they can work alongside NATO Allies, in crisis response and other security operations. This ability to work together (known as 'interoperability') means that when a disaster strikes we can respond quickly and effectively as a team. The PARP process also helps a country's authorities measure their progress in modernizing their armed forces.

MAP: The Membership Action Plan is the process by which our partners identify areas they want to reform, and where they would like the assistance of our allies. Some nations have used it to help them reach the standards necessary to become full members of the Alliance – but, despite its name, having a MAP does not prejudge any decision (either by NATO or the country) on potential membership. This means that just because a country has a 'Membership Action Plan' it doesn't mean they want to be a NATO member (or that the other NATO allies, who all have to agree, would accept them as a member. However, the reforms the MAP helps countries achieve are in the best interests of a countries citizens – improving transparency and accountability as well as the armed forces ability to help civil authorities in a crisis.

RP: BiH's Reform Programme sets out the reforms it wants to implement to modernize its military and defence and security apparatus, and would like NATO's support to achieve. It allows BiH to continue to set the priorities for, and nature of, its relationship with NATO while making clear that there is no political agreement on what BiH's future relationship should be.

PASP: Most relevantly for BiH, the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division handles NATO's relations with our 40 partner countries (inc BiH). Among other things, it deals with Arms Control, NATO's relationship with other international organisations like the UN or OSCE) and our cooperation programmes.

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