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NATO HQ Sarajevo  /  News  /  2015  /  NHQSa DCOM visits two Prospective Defence Locations in BiH

NHQSa DCOM visits two Prospective Defence Locations in BiH

SARAJEVO, Bosnia i Hercegovina - NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Deputy Commander, Colonel Petter Gjersem, and his staff visited two Prospective Defence Locations: "Mika Bosnić” Barracks, "Manjača” Combat Training Range and Shooting Range in the City of Banja Luka and "Kula 1 i Kula 2” Storage Site for Ammunition, Mines and Explosives (AMESS) in the Municipality of Mrkonjić-Grad, Sept. 3, 2015.

The objective of these visits was to get familiar with the activities of the Armed Forces of Bosnia i Hercegovina units on these locations and also to obtain the latest technical information pertaining to the issue of Prospective Immovable Defence Property registration.

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