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NHQSa Senior Leaders visit Banja Luka

Brigadier General Robert Huston, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo commander, and Command Sergeant Major Steven Shepherd, NHQSa senior enlisted leader, met with Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina senior leaders at Kozara Barracks in Banja Luka, Jan. 11, 2018.

Huston and Shepherd met with AFBiH Brigadier General Gojko Knežević, Support Command deputy commander of resources, AFBiH Brigadier General Radovan Ilić, 6th Infantry Brigade acting commander, AFBiH Command Sergeant Major Duško Milaković, 6th Infantry Brigade senior enlisted leader, and AFBiH Colonel Dragan Nakić, Air Force and Air Defense Brigade commander.

"We are functional despite numerous challenges,” said Ilić. "The sixth brigade is ready to carry out assigned missions.”

According to Knežević, some of the key tasks in Support Command for 2018 are continuous training by participating in international exercises and events and getting support for external evaluation of AFBiH soldiers and airmen.

All of the Armed Forces of BiH participate in natural disaster response, including the Air Force and Air Defense Brigade. "Last summer we responded to wild fires with our helicopters,” said Nakić. "We used maximum personnel to respond to these fires.”

NHQSa senior leaders commend all the men and women serving in the AFBiH. Huston emphasized the working partnership between EUFOR and NATO and their commitment to support AFBiH.

"It is most important to take care of the men and women who serve in the AFBiH,” said Huston. "We need to enable the military more in order for them to protect all citizens of BiH.”



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