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NHQSa continues support to Property Records Database Creation

CAPLJINA, Bosnia and Hercegovina - NATO headquarters Sarajevo announced renewed readiness to provide support in the creation of a database for property records, Nov. 13, 2015.
The database will be the basis for the Infrastructure Logistics System and will be the tool that allows for data exchange and reporting in all phases of planning and execution. All this will offer better visibility, thereby improving effectiveness and efficiency in the field of logistics and infrastructure management.
At the start of the project, Norwegian Armed Forces Colonel Petter Gjersem and his team visited "Božan Simović” Barracks in Čapljina, and were welcomed by Colonel Senad Memić and Mr. Mehmed Hrnjić, Chief of Construction and Infrastructure Sector.
"Given the importance of immovable defense property, NHQSa will assist in the creation of a property records database within our available resources,” said Col. Gjersem. "Since there is a need for an organized collection of information or data, such database is one of the most crucial tools that any community group or organization should have. It is also vital to remember that databases are not meant to sit idle; they are growing, 'living', evolving documents that are meant to change, be updated and progress over time."

Taking into consideration large number of immovable defence properties in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the project will be long term, with priority treatment given to the properties already registered to the State of BiH.

Key advisory project support to local institutions will be provided by Ms. Amila Gačanović, NHQSa Infrastructure Advisor.

Story and photos by NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Public Affairs

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