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NATO HQ Sarajevo  /  News  /  2015  /  NATO HQ Sarajevo hosts 7th Communication and Information Systems Workshop

NATO HQ Sarajevo hosts 7th Communication and Information Systems Workshop

The ‘7th Communication and Information Systems (CIS)  Workshop was successfully conducted in Camp BUTMIR by cooperation with the BIH MoD C4 Department, AFBIH Joint Staff and NHQSa.
The Workshop was targeted at high-level personnel of BiH MoD and AFBiH CIS community.

In addition to 24 officers from AFBiH Joint Staff and subordinate commands and units, 6 personnel from MoD C4 Sector, 2 NAT staff members and 1 EUFOR staff attended this workshop. It was moderated by Assistant Minister Belmir Agic (C4 MoD BiH), Brigadier Faruk Brodlic (Chief of Telecommunication and Information Technology Support Section MoD) and NAT C4 IM Advisor.

The workshop was mainly dedicated to the current situation, next year’s CIS projects, and providing contribution to Defense Reform (DR) in BiH by activating a synergy in the CIS community of AFBiH. The aim was to improve the information flow between the different staffs and units and to create a common sense and gathering all the CIS key leaders from MoD, Joint Staff and at the battalion level, for the solutions of the existing issues.   

In this light, the workshop was considered to be highly informative and successful. It was the good opportunity to promote the exchange of CIS information between MoD, JS and its subordinate commands and units.

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