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NATO Headquarters supports BiH Non-commissioned Officer Corps

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Hercegovina - A workshop about a doctrinal manual titled the Functioning of the Non-Commissioned Officers Corps (NCO) in the Armed of Forces Bosnia and Hercegovina (AFBiH) has been carried out at the Peace Support Operations Training Center in Sarajevo, Oct. 20-22, 2015.
The manual is intended for commanders, command sergeant majors and key staff personnel at all levels. It is meant to provide the framework for establishing a functional NCO corps in the AFBiH.
AFBiH NCOs and officers participating in the workshop will work on the material developed to date and will forward the final version for the next step in the procedure, in keeping with the AFBiH’s regulations. The objective of this doctrinal document is to help members of the NCO corps to serve more effectively by defining their place, role and career in the AFBiH.
The workshop is organized under the auspices of NATO HQ Sarajevo. In addition to members of NATO HQ Sarajevo, personnel of the US Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation and the US European Command have contributed to the workshop as well.
Story and photo by NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Public Affairs Office

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