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NATO and BiH Armed Forces embody the Olympic values

This weekend, General Petty had a very successful visit to the University of Travnik Faculty of Education.

After a meeting with the University leadership and with the Secretary General of BiH Olympic Committee, General Petty walked the University premises, attended a press conference and held a lecture to a group of enthusiastic local students.

Wider lecture framework was ‘Promotion of Olympic values - friendship, respect and excellence’, where Petty stated that"BiH Armed Forces are the proof that friendship, respect and excellence still live among the people in BiH, as they contribute to the realization of fundamental values, which are also the foundations of NATO member states”.

General Petty left Travnik with strong impressions of the University, which invests a lot of energy in raising young BiH opinion leaders of tomorrow, who will, in the framework of Euro-Atlantic integrations processes, shape better future for the whole country and its people.

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