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JFC Naples JMTT conducts mission in Bosnia and Hercegovina

CAPLJINA, Bosnia and Hercegovina – The Allied Joint Force Command Naples Joint Mobile Training Team (JMTT) engaged with the Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) Armed Forces as part of their mission, October 12 – 16, 2015.
The team of five noncommissioned officers (NCOs) trained more than 30 BiH Armed Forces NCOs on professional development and interoperability in an international environment.

"The goal of this mission is for us to develop or enhance appropriate leadership skills within an international environment,” said French Army Warrant Officer First Class Patrice Meunier, JMTT trip leader. "Therefore, we cover different kinds of topics based on five pillars: leadership, counseling, communication, ethics and NATO orientation.”

During the week, the JFC Naples JMTT conducted training to foster the BiH Armed Forces members with a unified multi-national perspective of NATO and partner nations.

"In my opinion, it is great for us to have a verbal exchange with the students and to have the opportunity to speak with them about our mutual experience,” Meunier said. "Moreover, it’s always rewarding to have feedback from a Partners for Peace NCO.”

The members of the JMTT trip included Turkish Master Sgt. Sezgin Baltaci, U.S. Sgt. 1st Class Josh Sutton, U.K. Staff Sgt. John Welsh and German Petty Officer 2nd Class Christian Richter.

The purpose of the JMTT is to develop leadership skills to work in an international environment, develop communication skills, enhance NCO supervisory skills, encourage ethical awareness and  establish relationships with partner nation NCOs.

Story and photo by NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Public Affairs Office

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