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19th Regulations Drafting Workshop held in Zenica

Subject matter experts from the MoD, AFBiH and NHQSa worked on eight regulations with 397 pages of provisions, over 40 various annexes and more than 1000 articles and provisions. Participants were split into 3 operative working groups, each drafting and preparing a set of regulations.

Out of 8 regulations which were worked on, discussed and drafted during this workshop, some of them were drafted to a point of finalization and enactment while others require additional work.

NHQSa, together with international partners such as EUFOR and GBR Embassy will work together with the MoD in order to successfully complete the documents making them fully in line with relevant policies and laws.

The following NHQSa staff participated and contributed to this Workshop: Daniel Saracino, Defence Institutions Building Advisor, William Thomas, Senior Legal Advisor, Dario Sikuljak, Legal Advisor and Sapi Gabor, Personnel Advisor.

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