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NATO HQ Sarajevo hosts the Seminar on Material Management - Information Technology

NATO HQ SARAJEVO SEMINAR ON "Information Technology support to operational Logistics reporting and Planning in the AF BIH”, FOJNICA, 17th to 20th FEBRUARY 2014.
In cooperation with the BIH Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) Procurement and Logistics Department and the Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBIH) Joint Staff, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (NHQSa) has conducted the seminar on
"IT-supported operational Logistics Reporting and Planning in the AF BIH”

The main purpose of the seminar is to inform relevant stakeholders within the BIH MOD / AFBIH on the current status and importance of the logistics information network (Wide Area Network) implementation and the availability for daily Logistics planning and reporting in order to build up an appropriate BIH defense self sustainable Logistic System which directly supports operational capabilities of the AFBIH. During the last years this development has been facilitated through many bilateral programs, demonstrating commitment from partner countries to provide support to BIH.

The event was opened by the NHQ Sa COM Brigade General M. HART. In his opening remarks he stressed out that "In times of budget restrictions and lack of supply and maintenance resources a well functional Logistics System which covers reporting, analyzing, planning and procurement, is the only way for the BIH Armed Forces to utilize maximum of their resources in this field.”

The final implementation of a well functional logistics information system and Logistics System as overall will have a positive impact on several areas of defense system like: defense planning and procurement, surplus of ammunition weapons and explosives, host nation support, logistics support to units etc. It will also increase the level of support to and by that interoperability of the AF BIH declared units working with NATO Partners in Peace Support Operations or while conducting training and exercises activities.
The BIH MoD, AFBIH and NHQ Sa, representatives as well as Austrian Experts for Logistics Information Systems, have greatly contributed to an overall success of the seminar.

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