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Deputy Commander

Colonel Baver BEKIROGLU

Colonel Baver BEKIROGLU was born in İstanbul, Türkiye on the 21st of September 1977. He is married to Melek with two daughters, Selma (14) and Bahar (6). 

After graduating from Kuleli Military High School in 1995, he joined Turkish Military Academy and graduated in 1999 as an infantry second lieutenant, with a degree of BA in System Engineering. Then he accomplished one year long Infantry Officer Training Course and served as platoon, and company commander in different mountain commando and border security units. He also served as a battalion commander as part of the biggest Border Security Brigade of Turkish Army at the Iraqi Border during 2019-2021. 

In addition to the field services, he worked at the Land Forces Logistics Command located in Ankara, between 2012-2016. As section chief, he was primarily responsible for the logistical management and war readiness of entire armored vehicle fleet in service. During this period he also took part in several modernization programs and new procurement projects as logistics advisor. Between 2016-2017, he worked as chief assignment coordination officer at Land Forces HQ, Ankara. He coordinated the planning of all officer and NCO assignments amid different branches and bodies in Land Forces during this period.

Col. BEKIROGLU worked as a Course Director & Instructor in the Joint Plans and Operations Department (JPOD) at the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO), Bavaria, Germany between 2017-2019. His course portfolio included NATO Crisis Management, NATO Crisis Response System, NATO Exercise Planning and Combined Joint Operations Centre Courses. Furthermore, he supported Comprehensive Operations Planning Courses with lectures on operations planning topics. His other joint experiences includes Dragash Municipality LMT Commander at KFOR (2009) and G3 plan officer at TAAC-Capital HQ, Camp KAIA, Afghanistan (2014). 

In addition to many other military training and courses, he has a master’s degree in security studies (2005) in Istanbul Yeditepe University and his thesis is focused on new foreign and security policy of Germany after re-unification. 

 His last assignment was to VJTF (L) 21 BDE (TUR 66th Mech BDE) as G7. He participated in the planning, preparation and execution phases of multinational ON GUARD 21, EURASIAN PEACE 21, and LOYAL LEDA 22 exercises as Chief SITCEN and OPR.

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