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Chief of Staff

Colonel Antal Bárdos

Colonel Bardos received his first commission as lieutenant in 1982 following his graduation from the Military Technical College.

In the early course of his military career, he served as platoon, company commander and chief of staff of NBC battalion.

After his junior officer positions from 1988-1991 he had three years studies at NBC Defence Military Academy in Moscow and in 1998 at the US Army Advanced NBC Officer Course in Fort McClellan. In this period he filled up positions in a mechanized infantry division staff as J3 staff officer and later as Head of NBC department and was promoted to LtCol in 1999.

In 2000 Lt Col Bardos was delegated to the International Military Staff, Cooperation and Regional Security Division NATO HQ, Brussels as PSE Staff Officer. Completing his first NATO tour in 2004, he returned back to Hungarian Defence Forces and was appointed to Deputy Commander of the 64 Logistic Regiment. In 2006 he was appointed as Commander of the 64 Logistic Regiment and was promoted to Colonel.

COL Bardos in 2007 was graduated from the NATO Defence College, Roma and later in 2009 he had six months operational deployment at EUFOR HQ as DCOS SPT in Sarajevo.

From 2013 to 2017 COL Bardos concluded his NATO tour at Joint Forces Command Naples J4 as Logistic Operations and Planning Branch Head.

After completing his four-year NATO tour COL Bardos was appointed as Commander of the Hungarian Defence Forces Military Movement Centre.

Colonel Bardos enjoys classical music and operas and long distance biking.

Colonel Bardos is married and has two girls.

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