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Chief of Staff

Colonel Róbert SZÁSZ

Colonel Róbert Szász has been the Director of the Hungarian Defence Forces Air Operations Centre since 2020. The AOC is responsible for a very wide range of tasks, including command, control, and coordination of the Hungarian Air Forces peace time activities such as air policing, Search and Rescue, air transport and MEDEVAC. Also provides planning and execution functions during crisis and conflict like operations planning, Joint Personnel Recovery, airlift, and air space management at HDF-level.

He has a helicopter pilot background and was converted to a search and rescue coordinator in 2004. He was promoted to the deputy director of the AOC in 2015. He has been a director/instructor of the European Defence Agency Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Courses since 2015. He also the HDF point of contact to NATO and EDA for Personnel Recovery.

Colonel Szász graduated from the HDF Air Force College as a helicopter pilot in 1998. Completed a Junior Staff Officer Course in 2006 (JSOC CEE) in Slovakia. He got his MSC Degree in 2012 at the Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University. He graduated from the Military Senior Leader Course at the University of Public Service in 2021.

He has received the following awards during his career:

  • Service Medal, silver and gold;
  • Officer's medal for 10 and 20 years of service;
  • Service medal for flood protection

His language skill is English STANAG 3333.

Colonel Szász is married with three children. His hobbies are scale modelling and promoting Personnel Recovery.

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