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NHQSa Mission

NATO's relationship with BiH has changed over time, but our commitment to helping to bring peace, security and prosperity has not.

Our mission in BiH today is one based on partnership. The elected authorities in BiH have asked for the help of NATO's 32 allies as they increase the ability of the armed forces to protect BiH citizens, and strengthen the democratic controls, transparency and accountability of the country's defence institutions. Our mission is about supporting peace and stability in BiH and the region. It is about fighting corruption and promoting values such as democracy, freedom and the rule of law. It's about making sure that women play their full role in society and creating the conditions for investment and economic growth. Ultimately, our activities aim to improve the everyday lives of everyone in BiH.

Ultimately, our activities aim to improve the everyday lives of everyone in BiH.

At the request of BiH authorities, our multinational experts are currently working alongside colleagues in BiH to:
  • Increase transparency and civilian oversight of the armed forces.
  • Improve the training of service personnel at every stage of their careers.
  • Fully integrate women into every aspect of the military and security policy and operations.
  • Advise on planning and the development of capabilities and equipment.
  • Assist in developing budget, logistics and procurement procedures.
  • Develop civil emergency and disaster management response capacities.
  • Respond to crisis – including floods and the COVID pandemic.
  • Increase the Armed Forces' ability to work with other countries, including NATO members, like Croatia and other NATO partners, including Sweden, Ireland and Serbia, to tackle regional and global security challenges from organized crime to disinformation.

NHQSa has the primary mission to advise and assist all institutions and the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina on defence and security sector reform and NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) activities.

The secondary mission is to provide logistic and other support to the European Union Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Commander of NHQSa also has some authorities and responsibilities under General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GFAP, sometimes referred to as the Dayton Peace Agreement or Dayton Accords). These mostly relate to maintaining the integrity and cohesion of the AFBiH.


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