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JFC Naples commander visits NHQSa, stresses BiH importance to NATO

The commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples in Italy, U.S. Navy Admiral James Foggo, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 6, 2019, to affirm NATO’s commitment to further support their Euro-Atlantic integration.

Foggo visited with members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Šefik Džaferović and Željko Komšić, the BiH minister of defence, Marina Pendeš, chief of joint staff Armed Forces of BiH, Lieutenant General Senad Mašović, U.S. Ambassador to BiH, Eric Nelson, commander of NHQSa, U.S. Army Brigadier General Marti Bissell and her staff.

"NATO is committed to continuing a strong partnership with Bosnia-Herzegovina and to furthering our cooperation and interoperability,” said Foggo. "My visit today reinforces the importance of this country to NATO and to the Western Balkans … NATO is grateful for the long-standing contributions by Bosnia-Herzegovina to peace support operations across the world, not only with NATO but also with the European Union and United Nations. Your contributions are critically important to our efforts and contribute to our collective security and stability.”>

Throughout the visit, Foggo discussed defence reform, the BiH-NATO partnership expansion, the Partnership for Peace program and successes of the partnership as it continues to progress. Additionally, Foggo stressed the importance of modernization and interoperability of BiH forces.

"Improvements provide your armed forces with capabilities that can be used to assist civilian authorities in responding to natural disasters at home, and to contribute to international peace and security missions abroad,” said Foggo. "Modern armed forces depend on adequate resources to be effective and in return the armed forces provide their own citizens with the peace and the security framework needed for the country’s economic growth and prosperity.”

Bissell echoed the JFC Naples commander’s sentiments.

"Throughout my tenure as commander of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, I have seen firsthand the commitment of the armed forces participating in Operation RESOLUTE SUPPORT mission in Afghanistan and fighting terrorism in the fight against ISIS,” said Bissell. "The partnership between this country and NATO is continuing to flourish, and while there is still work to be done, we are excited for the possibilities in the near future.”

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