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 Jul 4 2019

AFBiH issued ID cards for first time

For the first time, military ID cards were issued to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina during a ceremony held in Barracks “Kozara,” Banja Luka, on July 4, 2019. Developing the military ID cards system included developing a new legal framework, procuring equipment, training personnel and facilitating ID card stations.

The benefits of an AFBiH military ID card are numerous but the most notably include the ability to travel without visa requirements using the Partnership for Peace Status of Forces Agreement, access to healthcare for all AFBiH members, pursuant to agreements which are either already in force or being developed, access control on defence locations, saving taxpayers money and moreover -- pride of carrying identification of being an AFBiH member.

NATO Headquarters Sarajevo's NATO Advisory Team provided advice in developing the legal framework and successful execution of the procurement process. NHQSa is proud of its cooperation with the British Embassy Sarajevo, BiH Ministry of Defence and AFBiH on this important project.

This 300,000 BAM system is now fully operational. 

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office


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