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Sep 27 2019

AFBiH completes NATO SEL 1 exercise

Over the last four days, evaluation of the Light Infantry Battalion Group (L-INF-BNG), the largest NATO declared unit of the Armed Forces of BiH, was conducted in the Combat Training Center at Manjača. NATO Headquarters Sarajevo advisor team members were in attendance for the in-barracks inspection and several different exercise scenarios, and the deputy commander of NHQSa, Norwegian Col. Morten Henriksen, was in attendance for the distinguished visitor day to observe a large demonstration of the unit’s capabilities.

“BiH’s commitment to offering such a valuable contribution is an important instrument for further modernization of the Armed Forces and interoperability with NATO forces. NATO HQ Sarajevo remains available and will continue to provide support to BiH in further development of the Light Infantry Battalion Group in the years to follow,” Henriksen said.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs

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