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NATO HQ Sarajevo  /  News  /  2021  /  NHQSa Commander General Folkestad met with AFBiH Lieutenant, Adis Posko

Mar 18 2021

NHQSa Commander General Folkestad met with AFBiH Lieutenant, Adis Poško

Members of AFBiH are, at this very moment, studying and training at defence academy's around the world, thanks to BiH's partnership with NATO.

These soldiers and airmen consistently impress their international hosts with their commitment and professionalism – and are hugely effective ambassadors for BiH.

They bring back with them invaluable training – and experience working and building lifelong friendships - with their counterparts across the Alliance. Training like this helps to increase understanding and trust, helping our Allies and Partners work together in a crisis.

NHQSa Commander, Brigadier General Eric Folkestad with Lieutenant, Adis Poško 
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

 AFBIH Lieutenant, Adis Poško at West Point Academy.
Photo: West Point Academy

One AFBiH Lieutenant, Adis Poško, has made history as the first BiH graduate of the prestigious United Stated Military Academy West Point. Before he returns to the US for the next phase of his training, Lt Poško, along with his father who is a Sergeant Major in the AFBIH, met BG Folkestad – who congratulated him on his remarkable achievement and to discuss the benefits, and challenges, of working internationally.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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