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May 18 2021

NHQSa Commander General Eric Folkestad visit to Mostar Healthcare workshop

Staff from NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, including the Commander, Brigadier General Eric Folkestad have been working to support the BiH MoD and joint Staff improve soldiers access to medical services. Currently, soldiers have to return to their home Canton to seek treatment- which can be hours from the barracks they are assigned to.

The British Embassy have part financed the refurbishment of facilities in 4 locations across BiH (Mostar, Banja Luka, Capljina and Sarajevo), and all the parties are now working to ensure the facilities can be registered and staff allocated. 

NHQSa Commander, General Eric Folkestad speech in Mostar Medical Workshop.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo
NHQSa Commander, General Eric Folkestad greeting with AFBIH soldier.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

At a workshop in Mostar, also attended by Minister of Defence Mr. Podzic, General Folkestad emphasized his commitment to the project, saying:

As a solider, that's the unwritten contract you expect to enter into. You devote your life to service and sacrifice, knowing that you could be called upon to put yourself in harm's way. And in return you expect the country you serve, and whose flag you wear, to look after you. There are few things more fundamental to that than providing soldiers and their families with decent healthcare


Minister Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Sifet Podzic
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo


NHQSa Commander, General Eric Folkestad.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo


AFBIH soldier Patch.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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