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NATO HQ Sarajevo  /  News  /  2021  /  NHQSa Commander attended EUFOR Change of Command Ceremony

Jan 14 2021

NHQSa Commander attended EUFOR Change of Command Ceremony

NATO Headquarters shares it Camp, and works 'hand-in-glove' with its counterparts from the European Union Force to BiH (EUFOR). 

While NHQSa provides advice and assistance to the authorities in BiH to ensure that defense institutions meet modern international standards, EUFOR ensures continued support to a safe and secure environment in BiH. But there are lots of areas where these different but complimentary missions overlap - including supporting demining efforts and providing mine-risk education for risk groups; coordinating and tracking the disposal of weapons and ammunition left over from the war and creating safe storage conditions and conducting combined and collective training with the Armed Forces of BiH.

NATO HQ Sarajevo Commander attended today EUFOR Change of Command Ceremony from Major General Reinhard Trischak to Mayor General Alexander Platzer in Camp Butmir.

Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo
Major General Reinhard Trischak and Mayor General Alexander Platzer. 
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo 

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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