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Nov 4 2021

NHQSa Commander and Deputy Commander visits NATO Allied Land Command

Today, Brigadier General Eric Folkestad, Commander NATO Headquarters Sarajevo and Deputy Commander, Colonel Olcay Denizer are visiting NATO Allied Land Command in Izmir, Turkey. 

During the visit, BG Folkestad is meeting LANDCOM Commander, Lieutenant General Roger L. Cloutier and his staff to discuss LANDCOM mission and responsibilities, as well as their ongoing cooperation and training with Partners, to include Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Brigadier General Eric Folkestad during his visit to NATO Allied Land Command.
Photo: NATO Allied Land Command
I'm at LANDCOM to meet representatives of another part of NATO which is actively supporting reform and modernization of the BiH Armed Forces. Landcom's role is to help increase the readiness and capabilities of the armed forces of our allied and partner nations - as well as their ability to work together. The support and guidance of the men and women here is helping BiH Armed Forces increase their NATO interoperability standards and bring stability as part of international peacekeeping missions, which will make us all safer. It will also ensure that BiH can work with regional partners to respond effectively in a crisis, support civilian authorities and make sure that during disasters like floods and wildfires, the BiH Armed Forces will be there for every citizen in BiH.

said General Folkestad.

Allied Land Command or LANDCOM mission is land command readiness. LANDCOM Headquarters is responsible for coordinating and synchronizing NATO and Partner Land Forces by enabling land domain readiness, interoperability and standardization. Enabling military mobility ensures NATO troops and equipment can deploy across Europe without delay. LANDCOM does this through continual assessment of NATO land forces enabling capabilities, recommending changes and investment where necessary.

Photo: NATO Allied Land Command

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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