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Nov 16 2021

New AFBIH training capacities presented in Manjaca

In the presence of senior officials of the BiH MOD and AFBiH, UK Embassy in BiH, NATO HQ Sarajevo and EUFOR, development of the AFBiH Combat Training Center in Manjača through partnership with and support of the UK Government was presented to the public yesterday.

The UK provided innovative equipment of the highest standard, such as automated targets for live shooting, an urban combat training mobile village, and smart video surveillance, as well as the professional training for instructors; this will increase security and ensure a more realistic training of AFBiH personnel, and also help the AFBiH to better incorporate the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in their exercises and operations. This will make this military site unique in the region. 

Brigadier General Eric Folkestad during his speech recognized the significances of this donation for both NATO and AFBIH.  

NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Commander, Brigadier General Eric Folkestad during his speech.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo
Today's donation of state-of-the-art mobile equipment is one example of NATO's commitment and commitment of its 30 allies to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will help units across BiH develop new skills and capabilities – particularly when it comes to supporting the most vulnerable.

said General Folkestad.

The presentation was attended by British Ambassador in BiH, H.E. Matt Field, BiH Minister of Defense Sifet Podžić, Chief of the AFBiH Joint Staff Lieutenant General Senad Mašović, NATO HQ Sarajevo Commander Brigadier General Eric Folkestad, EUFOR Commander in BiH Major General Alexander Platzer, and the other invitees. During the presentation the British Ambassador in BiH, H.E. Matt Field said,

Today we are handing over highest standard innovative equipment which will help the AFBiH's further harmonization with NATO and improve their operational effectiveness. 

AFBIH soldiers presenting new training capabilities.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Minister Podžić stressed the UK Government's long-term support to the AFBiH with respect to the accession and training of the young cadre and development of military medical services, as well as with respect to the introduction of new capabilities and work methods.

In his address Minister Podžić said: "New equipment will facilitate achieving high professional and combat standards in countering different modern threats, help increase interoperability with NATO members' armed forces, and it will also help preparing better for participation in international peace operations."

Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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