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Jul 19 2021

Humvee Donation from US Embassy to AFBIH

When floods and natural disasters hit, rescue efforts rely on having a highly trained crisis response capability that can reach even the most remote and hazardous areas.

That's why NATO, and its allies, works with BiH to develop life saving skills- and help the authorities access the kit they need.

Today NHQSa Deputy Commander Col Olcay Denizer joined the US ambassador to BiH as the US embassy handed over 21 Humvees to AFBIH to bolster its ability to react to and get to emergencies. The donation, valued in excess of $2.6m includes 9 ambulances as well as multipurpose vehicles to get rescuers to the disaster area as quickly as possible.

U.S. Ambassador to BIH Eric Nelson
Photo: Nato Headquarters Sarajevo
Photo: Nato Headquarters Sarajevo

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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