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May 11 2021

Chief of Staff transfer of Authority Ceremony

Hungary is one of the biggest supporters of NATO in BiH. It provides some of our most senior staff and currently acts as our Contact Point Embassy in Sarajevo, helping to coordinate the activities of NATO allies

This week the Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Army visited Butmir. As well as discussing the Mission with NATO Commander General Folkestad, he met.

This included the outgoing Chief of Staff, Col Jozef Czuka and incoming Chief of Staff Col Ferenz Kiss.

Col Czuka formally relinquished authority to Col Kiss during a formal ceremony, attended by the Hungarian Ambassador.
NHQSa Commander, General Eric Folkestad greeting the Hungarian Ambassador to BIH Mr. Krisztián Pósa 
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.
Colonel Jozef Csuka, receiving a medal during a ceremony.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.
NHQSa Commander, General Eric Folkestad with Colonel Jozef Csuka (left) and newly appointed Chief of Staff Colonel Ferenc Kiss (right).
  Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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