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Apr 3 2024

Reception Marking the 75th Anniversary of NATO

Brigadier General Pamela McGaha, Commander NATO Headquarters Sarajevo hosted today’s reception marking the 75th anniversary of NATO in the Armed Forces of BiH Hall.

In her remarks, Brigadier General McGaha said:

At our Gala reception earlier this year, we were able to recognize a few individuals who have been instrumental to our achievements over these past 20 years and who have helped make our partnership what it is today: from NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, and the Allies who support its work, to the men and women of BiH’s defence and security institutions, whose daily efforts help make BiH safer.

Speaking of the benefits membership in NATO brings to member countries, General McGaha said:

“The countries which have joined our Alliance in the last 75 years will surely know that the process of reform to NATO standards is neither quick nor easy. It takes time, resources and, above all political will. But I also have no doubt that they would say that it was worth it… And that the reforms NATO Allies supported them to make, in fact, made their citizens safer, their economies stronger, and their democracies more resilient than ever before.“

Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.

Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zukan Helez attended the reception and remarked:

Today we mark the 20 years of cooperation between our country and NATO. In those 20 years, our Armed Forces have made a major step forward in professional development and capacity building, mostly thanks to the education, training and exercise programs offered by NATO. The visit by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to Sarajevo, the meeting of NAC – the main and highest political decision-making body of NATO, the Partnership Conference and the Partnership Symposium which will be held in our country is a clear message that we are a part of the NATO family.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.

The band of Armed Forces of BiH played at the reception. There was a display of photographs of 20 year partnership between NATO HQ Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and key milestones in NATO history. The reception was also an opportunity to thank all partners of the Alliance in BiH for their contribution, commitment and support to NATO HQ Sarajevo and more stable future for everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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