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NATO HQ Sarajevo  /  News  /  2024  /  Colonel Bahri Yildiz visits Visoko

May 21 2024

Colonel Bahri Yildiz visits Visoko

NATO Headquarters Deputy Commander, Colonel Bahri Yildiz visited Visoko this week, where he met city officials and a range of individuals who, through day to day activities, contribute to the progress and development of the Visoko area.

"We are really happy when true friends of our country come to Visoko, as with honest and strong friends, we get security. Presence of NATO in BiH at a time of global challenges is very important. Safety produces stability, and stability brings investment and development. That is why, on the occasion of this visit, we are sending messages of security, stability, peace and unity", said Visoko Mayor Mirza Ganić.

Colonel Yildiz thanked Mayor Ganić for the warm welcome and stressed the importance of maintaining ties between NATO Headquarters Sarajevo and the local authorities at all levels in BiH. 

Colonel Yildiz and Mayor Mirza Ganić during their visit to Altındağ Cultural Center.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Colonel Yildiz and Mayor Mirza Ganić meeting with Visoko City Administration.
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.
We are here to assist each other, and I want to thank you on behalf of all Turkish citizens for the assistance BiH provided to Türkiye following the devastation of the February 2023 earthquakes

Colonel Yildiz noted.

During the visit, Colonel Yildiz had the opportunity to visit Altındağ Cultural Center, which was financially supported by Altındağ municipality in Ankara Province, and attended the event marking the School Day in elementary school "Mula Mustafa Bašeskija", Donje Moštra.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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