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Mar 15 2024

Brigadier General Pamela McGaha participated in 2024 Budapest Balkans Forum

Brigadier General Pamela McGaha participated this week in 2024 Budapest Balkans Forum, the flagship conference of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, bringing more than 100 experts, decision-makers, and policy-shapers from across the globe together in Hungary.

Participating in the panel discussion titled 'Security Maintained: International Actors and Missions on the Ground', Brigadier General McGaha stated:

It’s great to be in Budapest to congratulate our Ally Hungary on the 25th anniversary of becoming an NATO member - demonstrating what Euro-Atlantic Integration can achieve. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo. I am pleased to explain how our mission has changed over time - and how BIH has become an active contributor to peace and security in the region.”
BG McGaha agreed with assessments made by the EUFOR Commander, Major General László Sticz, and KFOR Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Federico Bernacca, that the security situation across the region remains stable - but noted that reserve forces have been activated in both Kosovo and in BiH - with reinforcements sent to BIH as a direct response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

BG McGaha concluded: “Our leaders have been clear that a security vacuum will not be allowed to develop in BiH.”

Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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