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Aug 3 2023

Meet Malik Buric AFBiH medical officer.

Lieutenant Malik Burić - Acting Commander of the Medical Company, AF BiH Main Logistics Base

Hello Everyone. I am Lieutenant Malik Burić. I have a master's degree in health studies from the University of Sarajevo. I am the acting commander of the medical company of the Main Logistics Base of the Armed Forces of BiH. One of my additional duties is that I am the medical officer in the Light Infantry Battalion Group with which I went through a four-year evaluation process culminating in the NEL-2 evaluation where we received the Combat Ready rating.

Lieutenant Malik Burić 
Photo: NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

What opportunities did the AF BiH offer you?

The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave me the opportunity to conduct scientific research within the system on the topic of the impact of physical activity and nutrition on the life and health of people. This research was conducted at the Basic Training Center in Pazarić on slightly more than two hundred candidates.

Lieutenant Malik Burić during AFBiH exercise. 
Lieutenant Malik Burić at AFBiH medical facility.
Lieutenant Malik Burić upon completion of Medical BOLC training in the United States

Have you participated in any international trainings or exercises?

I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous educations and trainings, of which I would like to single out Medical BOLC training in the United States. I was one of two international students on training that lasted three and a half months. I would also highlight my last participation in the main planning conference in Budapest, where I had the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the largest medical exercise planned for 2024.

Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to participate with its declared medical platoon alongside thirty-two other nations.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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