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Feb 1 2023

New security reality makes NATO more important than ever.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway has taken the role of NATO Contact Point Embassy (CPE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the transition of Contact Point Embassy from Hungary to Norway, NHQSa Commander Brigadier General Pamela McGaha said:

The post of Contact Point Embassy is critical in supporting NATO’s activities in BiH. Together with my Headquarters, we help to ensure that the NATO projects BiH has chosen to participate in are a success. That they bring real practical benefits to the citizens of BiH, so everyone is safer and more prosperous as a result. The last four years, with Hungary as the CPE, have seen significant achievements, and I want to thank Hungary for its continued support to NATO in BiH.

Norway now takes over the CPE at a critical time in our relationship with BiH. There is a new security reality in Europe, and the number of challenges we face is growing. No nation can tackle them alone. That’s what makes NATO more important than ever. I look forward to joining with Norway, a long standing champion of both BiH and NATO, and continuing important security projects that keep citizens safe

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Reinertsen receiving the NATO flag from Chargé d’affaires of the Hungarian Embassy in BiH Csaba Felegyhazi.

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Reinertsen.

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Reinertsen emphasized that it is important to increase visibility and inform both the public and politicians about what NATO is.

Ever since the commencement of our bilateral relations, Norway has pursued a policy in BiH which is balanced and based on mutual respect. We take much pride in this. We are equal partners. As friends of BiH it is our duty to share what worked for Norway. Our NATO membership most certainly did. It strongly contributed to a prosperous economic situation in which our citizens find themselves today. And this is what we wish for BiH: economic prosperity – political stability – AND a safe and secure environment. We will work hard for a joint and coordinated approach to the challenges facing BiH, including countering disinformation, the unsustainable financial situation of the Armed Forces, cyber security issues, malign foreign influences and similar.

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Reinertsen, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo BG Pamela McGaha and Chargé d’affaires of the Hungarian Embassy in BiH Csaba Felegyhazi during the CPE ceremony.

With their mandates lasting for two years, NATO Contact Point Embassies support the Alliance’s partnership and public diplomacy activities in partner countries, to include Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Embassies provide information about the role and policies of the Alliance, and enable NATO to engage with local audiences and increase the impact of its work. Currently, NATO has a network of 44 Contact Point Embassies in 38 partner countries.

Story by NHQSa Public Affairs Office

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