What is NATO HQ Sarajevo?

"It has been almost 18 years since NATO first deployed 60,000 soldiers to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the immediate aftermath of the war.
The Implementation Force (IFOR) mission was to separate the former combatants and to implement the Dayton Peace Agreement. One year later IFOR evolved into a Stabilisation Force (SFOR) with a very different mandate, to deter hostilities, stabilise the peace and to contribute to a secure environment. 

In November 2004 the SFOR mission ended and NATO HQ Sarajevo came into being with a much smaller presence but with a mandate that was specifically focused on Defence Reform, an essential pre requisite for integration into European and international institutions, and a key element of national security.
NATO has demonstrated its enduring commitment to BiH. NATO HQ Sarajevo is a facilitator for reform in defence and security structures, coordinating NATO programs and activities.  NATO HQ Sarajevo also supports BiH government authorities more broadly in their effort to build capacities essential to achieving BiH’s long-term objective of full European and Euro-Atlantic integration. NATO has an enduring commitment to Bosnia Herzegovina."