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What is Nato hq Sarajevo?

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NATO Headquarters Sarajevo is NATO's current presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The NATO presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina began over two decades ago, when a NATO-led multinational force of 60,000 troops deployed throughout the country in the immediate aftermath of the 92-95 conflict, in order to ensure the implementation of military aspects of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GFAP, sometimes referred to as the Dayton Peace Agreement or Dayton Accords).

This Implementation Force (IFOR) was established in December 1995 and remained for one year. IFOR focused on separating the combatant forces and implementing other military requirements arising from GFAP.

IFOR was replaced by a smaller Stabilisation Force (SFOR). SFOR's mandate was to deter renewed hostilities, stabilise the peace, and contribute to a safe and secure environment.

As the situation in the country improved in December 2004, primary responsibility for military aspects of the Peace Agreement was handed over from SFOR to the European Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR).

In place of SFOR, NATO established a military headquarters with the primary mission of assisting with defence reforms and other commitments undertaken within NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP).

NATO Headquarters Sarajevo also provides agreed support to EUFOR under the terms of the NATO-EU "Berlin Plus" agreement, and retains certain authorities and responsibilities under GFAP.

As the key element of NATO's enduring commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO Headquarters Sarajevo works with institutions to provide advice and support on a daily basis. Members of our NATO Advisory Team work with their counterparts to implement defence and security sector reforms and to build sustainable capacities to achieve the long-term objective of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

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