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Partnership for Peace Activities

The Partnership for Peace (PfP) provides the framework for engagement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO.1503390299_1471336616_natos-programebi-E8bD61

PfP is a programme of cooperation that allows Bosnia and Herzegovina to build a country-specific relationship with NATO, choosing their own priorities for cooperation.

Partner countries choose individual activities according to their ambitions and abilities. These are put forward to NATO in what is called a Presentation Document.

An Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme (previously called the Individual Partnership Programme) is then jointly developed and agreed between NATO and each partner country. These two-year programmes are drawn up from an extensive menu of activities, according to each country's specific interests and needs. All partners have access to the Partnership and Cooperation Menu, which comprises some 1,600 activities.

Some countries choose to deepen their cooperation with NATO by developing Individual Partnership Action Plans (IPAPs). Developed on a two-year basis, such plans are designed to bring together all the various cooperation mechanisms through which a partner country interacts with the Alliance, sharpening the focus of activities to better support their domestic reform efforts.

Activities on offer within PfP touch on virtually every field of NATO activity, including defence-related work, defence reform, defence policy and planning, civil-military relations, education and training, military-to-military cooperation and exercises, civil emergency planning and disaster response, and cooperation on science and environmental issues.

 Over the years, tools and mechanisms have been developed to support cooperation through a mix of policies, programmes, action plans and arrangements. Bosnia and Herzegovina has engaged in many of these. The Planning and Review Process (PARP) and Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) have provided the main framework for activities to date. 

Through the PARP, Bosnia and Herzegovina is working to develop fully professional armed forces that are interoperable with NATO forces and that meet high professional standards. The PARP provides a structured basis for identifying forces and capabilities that could be available to the Alliance for multinational training, exercises and peacekeeping and crisis-management operations. It also serves as the principal mechanism used to guide and measure defence and military reform progress. 

The IPAP brings together all the various cooperation mechanisms through which Bosnia and Herzegovina interacts with NATO, sharpening the focus of activities to better support domestic reform efforts.

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