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Mission Statement

NATO HQ Sarajevo is a facilitator for reforms in defence and security structures since 2004. After the conclusion of the SFOR mission, NATO has devolved these Headquarters to this specific mandate as Defence and Security Reform is a key element of national security and an essential pre requisite for integration into European and international institutions.

NATO HQ Sarajevo is a demonstration of the Alliance's enduring commitment to BiH. This node coordinates the Partnership for Peace (PfP) activities, and supports BiH government authorities more broadly to achieve BiH's long-term objective of full European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

[1] For the full content of GFAP, please visit http://www.ohr.int/dpa/default.asp?content_id=380
[2] For more information on EU's Operation Althea, please visit http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cmsUpload/080929%20Althea%20update%2011_EN.pdf
[3] For more information on NATO Berlin Plus Agreement, please visit http://www.nato.int/shape/news/2003/shape_eu/se030822a.htm

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