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JFCNP Desktop Alert System (DTAS) is a computer information systems-based application specifically created to provide JFCNP personnel and their family members with the latest, up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. This system uses a combination of desktop pop-up alerts, email notifications and text messages to mobile devices to notify recipients.

What Is DTAS Used For?
This system was designed and is used to provide alerts and notifications of important, time-sensitive information relevant to COVID-19. In the future, the system may be adapted to provide alerts on additional topics, such as safety and security information.

Can I Get Notifications to My Personal Email or Mobile Device?
Yes! DTAS can send emails to your personal accounts. After reading the Legal Disclaimer and acknowledging that all conditions are understood, simply check the box of the email notification services desired and provide the appropriate contact information. Family members can also be registered with DTAS for notifications as well. There is also the option to send text alerts to your personal devices, but is reserved for special circumstances only.

Will My Personal Contact Information Be Shared?
No! The personal contact information that you provide for use with the DTAS is safe. Your contact information will be kept confidential and will not be distributed or used for advertisement or solicitation purposes.
The JFCNP DTAS Legal disclaimer can be found below.

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