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Italian Decrees relevant requirements

Last updated as 27th March 2020,

It is the responsibility of all JFC Naples personnel to respect the Italian decrees put into effect as a result of the Italian Government declaration of a national emergency. The intent behind the decrees is to minimize the risk of spreading the virus by limiting personal interactions during the decrees’ duration.


  1. When off-duty it is mandatory to stay at home. Personnel and their family members must avoid leaving their house except for demonstrated work requirements, health reasons, or for other primary necessities (for example, to purchase essential items). Persons may not travel outside of the municipality (commune) where they actually are except for proven work and health reasons or for other urgent necessities. When traveling for any reason, a person must travel alone, unless for health reasons, a person’s condition so requires them to be accompanied; or, in the case of travel for work-related purposes, when a work group is required to travel together, or when the other person is a family member and the journey is to/from the workplace of either one.

  2. Shopping for essential items must be done by one member of the family, shopping must be done at the closest store, taking all necessary precautions to stay at distance from other people and respecting instructions given by the store owner.

  3. Commercial and industrial activities are generally suspended, except as otherwise permitted by the government. Activities that may remain open include supermarkets, other stores that sell food, tobacconists, gas stations and other fuel providers, all stores that sell hygiene products such as pharmacies and para-pharmacies, pet supply shops, and laundries. These stores must apply the all the sanitary measures required by the authorities to minimize risks, measures that you will be required to observe.

  4. Bars, pubs, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, and pastry shops are closed, except for contracted messes, cafeterias and canteens, and bars and restaurants operating in gas stations on the national roads and highway network, as long as they can apply the measures required to minimize risks.

  5. Personal care services, such hairdressers, barbers and beauticians, are closed. It is also forbidden to provide such services at the residence of the customer.

  6. Gatherings are totally forbidden, including parties or minor events at home or in condominiums.

  7. Places of worship may be open for short visits and it is not forbidden to visit them provided. Large gatherings are forbidden and distance among visitors is to be respected.

  8. Any kind of group sporting activities are not permitted; individual fitness activities outdoor are prohibited in public places, in compliance with the Ordinance of the Governor of Campania no. 15 of 13 March 2020. (Note that individual outdoor exercise within the perimeter of JFCNP is permitted to enable personnel to maintain personal fitness as a matter of military readiness. Adherence to interpersonal distancing will be maintained).

  9. Gathering and travelling for leisure, cultural or social purposes are prohibited.

  10. All travelling and gathering arrangements must comply with the requirement for sufficient distance between individuals.

  11. Personnel and family members entering Italian territory via air, land, and sea must immediately report, even if they have no symptoms, to their family doctor by phone. In addition, persons who travel inside Italian territory must also immediately report to their doctor and to the municipality. Persons shall also submit themselves to voluntary isolation and be subject to health monitoring for a period of 14 days. Persons who travel for proven work reasons, health, or other immediate emergencies are excepted from these requirements. However, if the domicile for work or business is different from the residence, the place where the family house-hold is, a person cannot move between the two locations, even when reasons of remote working allow longer periods away from the domicile or work location.

  12. In accordance with the FRAGO, JFCNP staff will report to their chain of command, to their SNR and will inform the JFCNP HQ Occupational Medicine Specialist via e-mail (Nicola.olivieri@jfcnp.nato.int) providing a phone number. In case they start to have symptoms, they are obliged to immediately report this following the same procedures.

  13. All JFCNP personnel are required to comply with the latest requirement for self-certification in their personal and official movements as instructed by the HQ. Italian law enforcement personnel is empowered to request a Personal Statement of Self-certification, stating the reasons for the individual’s circulation, in order to ensure that such circulation occurs for the authorized reasons (demonstrated work requirements, health reasons, other primary necessities). It is important to understand that the self-certification will be subject to verification by the Italian law enforcement personnel; any irregularity found may ultimately constitute a criminal offense. All JFCNP personnel and family members shall have a hard copy and personal identification document (with picture) in their possession when travelling by foot. Remember that these documents do not authorize travel. JFCNP personnel and family members are advised to comply with all directions of Italian law enforcement authorities, including if advised to stop traveling and to return home.

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