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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Thanks to our Military Spouses

Team JFC,

Why not take a moment today to pay tribute to the support, dedication and enduring sacrifice of our military spouses. Today my nation officially honors military families on our annual Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I hope you will join me in sharing the sentiment across our NATO family. 
Military Spouse Appreciation Day first originated in the United States in 1984. At the height of the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan committed to raising awareness of the vital support role played by spouses and families in military operations. That unwavering support underpins the moral component of fighting power, and is as true today as it has always been. Another U.S. President and former U.S. Army General, Ulysses S. Grant wrote extensively on the importance of his wife, Julia, to his success. His wife's love offered domestic protection, assurance and respite from the horrors of war. 

As warfighters, we recognize the crucial role our spouses play in our success— whether we are home or deployed our spouses and families serve alongside us every day. They share our successes, triumphs and sense of purpose, but they also endure separation and sacrifice, loneliness and loss. They don’t do it for money or medals, but for love.  Let us recommit today to give our spouses the respect and recognition they deserve for taking on the toughest job in the Military.


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