5 Focus Areas


NATO Strategic Direction South Hub

Established in September 2017, the Hub is an exciting new forum that connects Allies, partners and subject-matter experts to understand and overcome security challenges in the African continent and the Middle East. With a holistic and collaborative approach, this diverse team based at JFC Naples monitors and assesses the dynamic destabilizing conditions that proliferate violent extremism and undermine the rule of law. The mission: help coordinate and synchronize NATO activities across the South, optimize resources and maximize effectiveness.



 NATO in the Western Balkans

JFC Naples has operational control of four security assistance missions in the Balkans: The Kosovo Force (KFOR), NATO HQ Sarajevo, NATO Liaison Office Skopje, and the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade. KFOR, established in 1999 and the largest NATO operation in Europe with 4,600 troops from 30 nations (21 Allies and 9 partner countries), deployed over 2000 personnel to help safeguard democratic elections in 2017. These ongoing missions demonstrate the Alliance’s commitment to the development of a safe, secure, and peaceful region.



NATO Training and Capacity Building – Iraq

Military Training Teams under the NATO flag advise, assist, and train Iraqi forces—complementing on-going Coalition, EU and UN efforts. Comprising two forward locations in Taji and Besmaya and supported by a Core Team in Baghdad, military and civilian personnel from Allied and partner nations mentor Iraqi instructors in civilian-military planning, equipment maintenance, explosive ordinance disposal and military medicine.





Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast

Activated in December 2015 in Bucharest, Romania, MND-SE is a regional multinational divisional headquarters prepared to conduct collective defense operations in event an Article 5 declaration: an attack on one Ally is an attack on the Alliance. This HQ in the strategic Black Sea region demonstrated its capability deploying interoperable forces with short notice across three countries during Exercise Noble Jump 2017. MND-SE is ready to do its part to defend the people and territory of the Alliance 24/7 and around the compass 360 degrees.


Exercise Trident Juncture 2018

TRJE18 is the NATO Response Force 2019 certification exercise for HQ JFC Naples and its designated Component Commands. During the largest live exercise since 2015, more than 40,000 troops will deploy to central and northern Norway in October 2018 and test the rapid deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force and follow on forces. The span of command ranges across land, air, and sea domains throughout the Northern Region and will include an opportunity for the Alliance to operate in parallel alongside partner nations Finland and Sweden.  




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