Multinational Division Southeast


Brigadier General Ovidiu Uifaleanu

Address: Bucharest, Street 6-8
ROU-51011 Bucharest

Summary: Headquarters Multinational Division South – East (HQ MND-SE) is a North Atlantic Council (NAC) activated NATO military body under operational command (OPCOM) of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) which may be employed and deployed in peacetime, crisis and operations by NATO on the authority of the appropriate NATO Military Authorities by means of an exercise or operational tasking issued in accordance with the Command and Control Technical Arrangement (C2 TA) and standard NATO procedures.
In accordance with NAC decision, the HQ MND-SE enjoys NATO International Military HQ status pursuant to the Paris Protocol and any Supplementary Agreements between NATO nations and SHAPE.


Mission: HQ MND – SE, under JFCNP (Joint Force Command Naples) operational control (OPCON), is to be prepared to command and control an Article 5 operation as a divisional headquarters in the south-east region based on NATO advance planning, as authorized by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) and directed by SACEUR, in order to contribute to the security of Alliance territory and populations.

Main tasks:
• Tasks – once achieved Initial Operational Capability (IOC-Warsaw Summit 2016): 
--- Exercise Command and Control (C2) over NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU-ROU) and NATO Force Integration Unit Bulgaria (NFIU-BGR);
--- Support the establishment, sustainment and execution of SACEUR’s Assurance Plan;
--- Assume C2 over any divisional scale combination of National Defense Forces and NATO forces, for exercises and gradually for operations NLT Full Operational Capability (FOC) in the SE region.
• Tasks – once achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC-APR2018): should be able to deploy as a High Readiness 2** LCC in support of article 5 contingencies within the south-east of SACEUR’s AOR.
--- Support to Non-Article V operations, where appropriate, and agreed by nations;
--- Coordinate and assist multinational training and exercises in identified nations and supports ongoing assurance measures, including through liaison with designated NATO Force Integration Units (NFIU).

1st September 2015, 1st Infantry Division „DACICA” was transformed in HQ MND-SE by the Order of the Romanian Ministry of Defense.
1st December 2015, took place the activation ceremony in Bucharest, which represented the official integration of MND-SE into the NATO command structure based on NATO implementation Readiness Action Plan (RAP) from Wales Summit, 2014.
280 in MND-SE
• 200 Host Nation/ 143 covered for the moment
• 80 international/ 36 bid by the nations/ 6 covered for the moment

Participating countries:
• Romania
• Albania
• Bulgaria 
• Canada
• France
• Greece
• Germany
• Spain
• Poland
• Turkey
• United Kingdom
• United States




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