KFOR Charity Concert was held in National Theatre in Pristina

1 Jul 2017
KFOR organized a Charity Concert for music schools coordinated by Radio K4 in the National Theatre in Pristina, in order to promote living together and tolerance.
COMKFOR, Major General Giovanni FUNGO, opened the event saying that "music is the universal language we all speak and understand, so today we are gathered here to promote living together and tolerance through music." COMKFOR also thanked all attendees for their generosity.
The students of GRACANICA and PRISTINA schools, in front of their parents and several guests from different nations, played classical music and, at the end, as grand finale, they sang together "We are the world". The concert was organized by KFOR to emphasize the role of the younger generation supporting all the initiatives aimed at improving integration.
The total amount of the contributions will be donated to both music schools.